"After doing Special Time with my girls ages 6 and 9 I felt like I really hadn't played with them before like this. I now realize how very "special" it really is for all of us. I am grateful to Michelle for teaching us and giving us the easy tools to use everyday! "                                                             - Mom from a Resource Group


"Thanks for helping me become a better mom." - Mom of 1 (age 11)


"Since I've been meeting with Michelle I've noticed a change, not only with my child, but with the other people I have relationships with. When someone needs to talk something out, I now longer intervene with advice, I simply listen. When my spouse or my child 'has a moment"' I am able to step back and not take it personally. I know that they are only having their feelings. The tools I have learned are priceless."  - Mom of 1 (age 6)


"Michelle is an extraordinary leader and person. She, and this group, have changed our lives." - Mom of 1 (age 7)


"Michelle has been truly amazing, so supportive, checking in and really taking her time to embrace and understand everyone's process."  - Mom of 2 (ages 3 and 6)


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