About Michelle 

with Michelle Kenney, M.Ed  |  certified parenting instructor

Our Philosophy

Parenting is no easy task.  As caretakers, we come to child rearing with our own understanding of how it should look and feel. However, that look and feel doesn't always happen as organically as we hope it might. Our personal childhood experiences influence the way we approach our kids...often subconsciously and at times negatively.  

Things become difficult when our children fail to comply with our wishes and desires. Therein lies the basic contention between children and the adults who take care of them. This tension can easily erode the parent-child bond so much so that parenting becomes arduous and grueling.

At Peace & Parenting, we strive to loosen up the struggles between adults and children allowing everyone to feel and be more peaceful and connected. It's easy to say you want a calm and relaxed household yet sometimes more difficult to achieve.

Peace & Parenting offers alternatives to bribes, threats, rewards, and punishments and instills the listening tools of the Hand in Hand Parenting methodology created by Patty Wipfler. These parenting tools along with techniques to get ourselves resourced make for a powerful way in which to raise and teach children.

Michelle Kenney M.Ed

Michelle lives in Los Angeles with her two girls 12 and 15. Before becoming a Hand in Hand certified instructor in 2015, she worked for 12 years in public schools as a teacher and counselor. None of which prepared her to be a mom. After years of consequences, bribes and star charts she found Hand in Hand parenting, created by Patty Wipfler. It reshaped the relationship she shares with her daughters, and she credits it with changing her life.

She is passionate about helping others find their way through the murky business of being a connected parent. She loves leading groups and finds the dynamic transformative. 

Michelle also strongly believes that listening partnerships are the cornerstone to moving through difficulties.

Michelle has helped herself and others make meaningful connections, work on sibling rivalry, and alleviate school problems.  Aggression, fears, withdrawal, and sleep issues are just some of the struggles she has shared and helped others rectify.

She holds a Master’s Degree in Education, speaks fluent Spanish, has been trained as a Council in Schools Facilitator, and is an ADL Trainer fighting against bias of all types on school campuses.

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