Understanding Big Emotions

Uncategorized Sep 13, 2022

Coming alongside my own children when they were having huge feelings was never easy, but it got so over time. I learned to be supportive during the upheaval and it ultimately helped everyone including myself. In my course: Understanding Big Emotions, I teach you how to do the same. Click here to take this online, on-demand, hour-long course. 


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Working with individuals and couples is my most favorite work. We dive deeply into the ideas of connection and unravel the struggles of each individual family I work with. It’s a transformational paradigm shift each and every time. I have seen families undergo huge changes that forever impact their relationships. My One on One programs have limited space, so if you're interested click here to find out more. I look forward to working with you.


Working on our own inner hurts and childhood triggers can unravel many of our parenting issues. I do this with journaling and it has helped me work through so icky places in my own past. If you want to try download my Free guide: Healing Ourselves Through Journaling.


Connected parenting can move behaviors and help keep homes calm and manageable. But how do we do it? What is the method and how can we apply “connection” to our everyday experiences with our children? Click here to download my FREE guide and get the key components of connective parenting.

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