Create a Home Full of Siblings Who Get Along


Do you have children who are constantly bothering one another?  

Do your kids act aggressively or unkind to their brother or sister?

Is everything a fight and mealtimes, family time, and vacations a struggle because of the sibling rivalry?

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Are you an exhausted parent of siblings, who is constantly putting out fires between your kids or at a loss as to how to intervene when there is a fight?


Are you looking to cultivate a positive relationship between your children while fostering peace and calm in your home?


There are things you can do to help your children have the relationship they so deserve.

One of my most excruciating parenting struggles has been the sibling upsets that have ensued between my daughters.

Years ago we were stuck in a parenting paradigm that included Esme being extremely unkind, aggressive, and mean to her little sister and me reprimanding, lecturing, punishing, and yelling at Esme in an effort to “make” her stop. 

It never worked and our struggle became unmanageable to the point of complete despair on all sides. 

If you find yourself trying to manage the relationship between your siblings, but are not sure how to get things to be more positive then this workshop might be a place to begin, a place to learn how to make a positive effect on the interactions between your siblings. 

During this workshop,

you will learn…


  • How to be the coach instead of the judge and jury

Being your child’s ardent supporter helps them engage with their sibling with more positivity and less angst. 

  • Ways to intervene during upsets that encourage healing

Have children that will learn how to communicate with one another without resorting to insults and fights. 

  • To stay calm and use it as a catalyst for sibling harmony

Live in a house with children who are connected enough and able to navigate sharing, playing, and taking turns, so life is easier and less tumultuous.  With children who are happier?

  • To listen and validate instead of dismissing

Giving siblings a space to be seen, heard, and understood ultimately cultivating a sense of self-worth and self-esteem. 

  • Tools and phrases which will help you promote connection

Turn sibling fights into an opportunity to connect and instill respect and trust between you and your children because you want to be the safe place our children can turn to when things are difficult.

Enrollment is Now Open

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"Thank you so much! This is so enlightening and very very timely for me. I’ve already applied special time and increased my connection with my two little girls. It’s daily, conscious effort, but I am willing to work on it!" 

- April

"We have had some big wins over here with this method. After getting out of my head and of my own way about it, my kids are responding exactly as you’d expect someone to who is loved after a mistake instead of punished. We have a long way to go but it’s exciting to see progress in myself and my kids using your strategies Michelle!"

- Sher

 Sibling Rivalry does not just “go away”

In fact, there are many adults who do not get along with their siblings.

If you do nothing, nothing will change. 

Parenting with connection makes sibling relationships better because when children feel better they do better. 

Using my sibling protocol will give you the peaceful home and harmonious relationship you have always wanted with your kids because it isn’t like other programs that implore the use of punishments and shame. 

I know we don’t have time to learn new methods, but we also don’t have time to intervene 20 times a day between siblings.

This one-hour workshop can change the dynamics of your home forever.

Enrollment is Now Open

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Still thinking about it?

Siblings, Not Rivals is PERFECT for you if… 

  • You have tried repeatedly to encourage, cajole and beg your children to get along 
  • You are ready to have siblings who care for one another and use kindness instead of feeling resentment and jealousy
  • You have had enough, are done intervening to no avail, and just want there to be peace between your children

One afternoon in the pool my oldest daughter held my youngest underwater. I was panicked and couldn’t figure out exactly what had gone wrong. Then and there I knew I needed things to change. But how? I had reprimanded, begged, punished, and shamed my oldest trying to get her to be kind, but nothing worked. I was lost. 

Finally, I came across the idea of connective parenting and when I done deeply into its tools and practiced the principles, the sibling rivalry began to subside. I combined this idea with some very specific ways to intervene between my girls when they fought and things were decidedly better. 

Now we have no sibling rivalry. Things are not perfect but our upsets are so very few that I can’t remember the last fight there was between my daughters. 

If you struggle with sibling rivalry and need answers and actionable ways to make things better you have some to the right place. My workshop will give you the tools to make things better and resources to keep those thighs as part of your everyday parenting pedagogy.  


Enrollment is Now Open

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