Understanding Big Emotions

A renewed perspective of tantrums and methods to coach your child through them without resorting to punishments

Understanding Big Emotions will guide you through the messiness of overwhelming feelings, help you unpack your own emotions around these episodes while teaching you what it is like to connect during emotional flare-ups instead of completely losing your mind. 

Before I explain to you how life-changing this program will be, let me tell you exactly who this is really for…

You are a loving and attentive parent who understands that coming with kindness during emotional upheaval is what you want to do, that you love your children, and want what is emotionally sound for them. You value relationships and making the one with your children deep and meaningful.

Whether you are:

A mom of a strong-willed and highly spirited toddler and a baby in toe and need ways to make things run more smoothly when upsets happen. 

A dad of two school-age children who always seem to “need” you when they are melting down, and you are looking for the tools to come to them with more calm and rational thinking.

A parent of adolescent children who seem to have all the big feelings at the turn of every corner and you try to “get them to stop” at every turn because they are too unraveling to you.

An exhausted parent who just wants things to seem and be more manageable, and feelings to come to the surface without taking over the entire household and allowing you to feel more in control of your feelings during these hard moments. 

You are in the right place and I am going to tell you how Understanding Big Emotions is going to turn tantrums into connection while giving you the tools to stay calm and be the supportive parent you have always wanted.

By the end of this program,

you will be able to…

  • Endure the whining, upset and off-track behavior without becoming dysregulated, yelling, and trying to punish those feelings “away”. 

  • Find the calm in a very chaotic and overwhelming environment.

  • Truly grasp the ways in which tantrums are connective instead of something to be frightened by.

  • Reframe what you know about tantruming children and understanding society’s programing around people emoting.

  • Abandon conventional parenting around meltdowns especially punishments.

  • Be aware of what feelings are actually telling us in the moment, instead of judging what we see at face value. 

  • Understand what empathy is with regard to parenting, and why it is one of the most important tools to create deep bonds with your children.

  • Use Empathy as a way to promote connection while you find more compassion for your child and their feelings.

  • Dismantle your own preconceptions of big feelings and upsets.

  • Learn the steps used to come alongside your child when they can no longer manage their big ugly feelings.

  • Understand the ways in which teaching emotional self-regulation are embedded in this program.

  • Learn what resilience is, how we give it to our kids, and what things disallow its cultivation.

What clients are saying...


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Michelle helped our family so much. Working with her changed our perspective to be able to be more understanding and patient with our children, and be conscious about connecting with them. I especially loved Michelle's style. She didn't judge our faults as parents and instead was very supportive--showing that she understood what we were going through while guiding us to where we needed to be.

- Hazel


Kenneth and I really want to thank you for all you have done for us.  This has really been so transformational in such a short span of time and makes me feel much more equipped to parent in a way that resonates with my beliefs and how I'm comfortable parenting.

- Ashley


Michelle's candor, understanding, and approachable demeanor made taking her 6-week course a comfortable and safe space to work through parenting challenges. Crossing-paths with Michelle has changed not only the way we connect and repair in our family, but set in motion my inner-child healing to become the parent I always wanted to be.

- Katinka


What’s Inside Understanding Big Emotions 


Module 1

Connection and Tantrums

In this module, we will find out what these upsetting moments really mean and how to rise above the noise and dysregulation to a more calm and connected demeanor.

Module Highlights:

  • You will see tantrums for what they truly are…

  • Better understand the emotionality behind them

  • Know the connective power you can have during a tantrum

  • See your child’s upsets more clearly

Module 2

Why Empathy is Important

This Module was created to give you the reasons why empathy is so very essential to the human and parenting experience. What empathy can do for you and your children while they are experiencing moments of unrest and big feelings and allow you to “find the calm” way to respond to your child during upsets.

Module Highlights:

  • What is empathy?

  • Who needs it and why? 

  • What does empathy do for children in moments of upset?

  • How do we prepare to come with empathy?

Module 3

How to Begin Healing Your Own Hurts

One thing which may get in our way of parenting our children through their own hurts is the unmet needs which still tend to wreak havoc on our system. Oftentimes coming to the surface while we parent leaving us feeling confused and possibly bringing out our own unwanted behaviors and upsets including yelling and shaming. 

In order to be the parents we want to be, we often need to dig deep to get there.

Module Highlights:

  • Identifying places where emotions run high for you while big feelings come to the surface.

  • Ways to help extinguish those feelings, and still honoring your own experience.

  • Learning a process to unpack childhood hurts.

  • Preparing you to have the calm you need to help your child through their emotional upheaval.

Module 4

How to Come Alongside Your Child During a Tantrum

Coming alongside your child with ease and peace is a task. In this module, I will give you the secret to staying calm and the way to endure even the most upsetting behaviors and tantrums. You won’t have to feel out of control any longer.

Module Highlights:

  • You will learn the nuance of How to listen.
  • I will give you foolproof ways to evoke a tantrum when your child is not doing well. 

  • It is difficult to imagine a tantrum so I will show you what the interaction looks like and what your responses should be to make it all seem more calm and natural. A guide and step by step process. 

  • You will learn ways to show your support without using punishments or conventional parenting and otherwise losing your temper.

Module 5

How Do We "Teach" Self-Regulation and Promote Resiliency

Our goal in life is to have self-regulated and resilient children, children who can move through upsets by checking in with their emotions and finding space to have their feelings without throwing things across the room and screaming unkind words. Children who recover from moments that are unhinging and dysregulating. Module five tells you how this can be your parenting reality.

Module Highlights:

  • Dive into the ideas of regulation.

  • Co-regulation as a parenting tool.

  • Understanding what modeling does for children during unmanageable moments. 

  • Finding ways to instill resilience in our children.

  • Setting the stage for future upsets, to enable our kids the ability to recover.

When you enroll in the course,

you’ll get the following:


Understanding Big Emotions

(A $299 Value)


  • 5 Modules of theory and techniques to Understand Big Emotions and be your child’s coach through tantrums and self dysregulation. 
  • A structured way to dive into your own hurts and childhood upsets around big feelings, tantrums, and empathy allowing you to be more centered and objective during upsets.
  • A step-by-step plan to get through a tantrum, with all the do’s and don'ts laid out for you in an easy-to-understand manner. 
  • Plus 2 printable guides to help you tackle tantrums with calm while putting all of the feelings into more perspective.

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Melanie ~

I listened to your zoom last week, followed by joining your [Understanding] Big Emotions class. I feel very empowered now to stay calm and try a different approach to my kids' tantrums. Well, my 9 y/o daughter was having a frustrating moment and was saying mean things to me. I took your approach of just telling her I understand and I loved her. I didn't say anything about how mean she was talking to me. Well later that night at bedtime, she hugged me and apologized to me for saying unkind words to me. It felt life-changing at that moment and hit home how well this method of communication works

Do you have a burning question?

Still thinking about it?

You should enroll in Understanding Big Emotions if any of these sound familiar:

  1. You find yourself losing all control when your child begins to have feelings or starts to whine. You try to fix things or distract your child from having a tantrum because you cannot bear to listen to all that may come. 

  2. The overwhelm begins the moment you hear a whine or a cry, and you cannot maintain calm no matter what happens and are often triggered to your default response of yelling and punishing. 

  3. Your own emotional upsets get in the way of you listening to the upsets of your children, and you all walk away from the experience feeling disconnected. 

I can’t wait for you to join Understanding Big Emotions

If you invest in this course you will make an investment in your children, in the relationship you share with them, and yourself and your own ability to emotionally self-regulate and remain calm, which is a huge gift. Your kids will benefit but what will be more profound are the ways in which you will change as a person. 

THIS COURSE WAS...born out of the idea of empathy and how learning about and teaching it has changed my life and so many of the parents I have taught.

I have experienced first hand what it is like to go from completely dysregulated and feeling out of control, run over by my emotions to a place of calm and centeredness during big emotional upheaval. 

The peace I have found by implementing the concepts and steps I define in the 5 Modules of Understanding Big Emotions have brought me deep inner calm and calm with my daughters. 

I want you to have this same calm, this same ability to regulate and form a deep bond with your children as I have with mine. It is a gift and one I would like to give to you. 

Not everyone can afford to hire a coach or take private courses but this online class gives you huge inroads to one of the most difficult situations in parenting. 

I know this will be as impactful for you as it has been for me if you decide to take the Understanding Big Emotions Course. 

I look forward to seeing you in the private Facebook community for Understanding Big Emotions.

Much love,


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