How to Stop Yelling

An On-Demand Video Workshop

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In This Workshop



How to Self Regulate

Developing habits to overcome our parenting struggles and urges to yell with more calm and peace. 


De-triggering our Triggers

Exploring ways to move past our own triggers and childhood hurts which keep us in old patterns and processes.


Discovering "in the moment" ways to combat everyday yelling

In the moment ways to move through our own upsets around our child's unnerving behaviors. 


The Secret Weapon to Stop Yelling.  

There is something your kids can help you with when it comes to yelling. It is my secret weapon and it works. I will give to you as the final and most useful tool when combatting yelling. 


Why is yelling often our automatic response?

It isn't our fault that yelling is our automatic response.

Many of us grew up in homes where yelling was the norm. We have years of learning this as the way to respond when things were difficult. Naturally when difficult situations arise with our children our default response ends up being that which we know best.  

It doesn't have to be this way.

We can reprogram ourselves to take and maintain a more connected response. Join me finally and learn what it takes to leave yelling behind and infuse your parenting with connection and love.

This recorded workshop is yours to watch as often as you like. You will also be able to listen to the previously recorded Q & A session at the end.

I can't wait for you to make yelling a thing of the past.


A Note from Michelle...

I am a reformed yeller, I come from a long line of yelling and hotheads in my family. Even though I vowed not to yell and wanted to do anything but, it ended up being my go-to response in the heat of the moment. Each time I did I felt alone and ashamed but still failed at finding ways to remain calm and come with love and kindness instead of scaring my daughters either into complying or making their upsets even worse. Over the years I have found ways to self-regulate more effectively. Let me give you all my tips and tricks. 

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