A Guide To Cooperation

What to say and how to ask to get your kids to listen without bribes, threats, or yelling.

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Meet Your Instructor - Michelle Kenney Carlson M.Ed


If you are an exhausted parent looking to find more cooperation...and Peace in your household while avoiding becoming tangled in the game of asking your kids the same thing over and over then you have come to the right place. 

I know you get it...having cooperative kids would make your life infinitely more manageable. I don’t need to tell you what is completely obvious.

You’ve probably also learned firsthand that yelling doesn’t work and coming with peace, kindness, and connection are the way to go.


What does it look like and feel like to:

Truly understand connection?

Have a calm household?

Move through transitions with ease?

Have children who listen?

Live in a home devoid of punishments, shame, and belittling?


Here’s what you might not know.

Learning how to ask your children to complete a task in just the right way is an art.

Eradication yelling from your asks is possible. 

You can have children who will listen the first time. 

Understanding connection and Brain Science

You can have a home filled with less conflict and more joy. 

Even though it’s completely obvious and logical that we strive to have children who listen and a calm household there is a process to actually achieving this.

I would be here all day if I explained everything that has happened for us since starting the course.  Completely different directions with each child but I learned so much about each of them as well as myself.

-Jacqueline R.

Conscious Parenting is empowering children to make decisions derived from connection and empathy rather than punishments and ultimatums.

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Want cooperative kids?


But how do you achieve this?

Perhaps you have tried countless ways to ask your children, with kindness, using bribes and even yelling. Maybe some of these things worked on occasion or for a while. Maybe you’ve even had days where your kids did exactly what you asked the first time. Perhaps you’ve fashioned elaborate star charts and incentive jars to entice your kids into doing what you’ve asked, in hopes of a miracle method to garner cooperation. 

Only to eventually abandon those well-intentioned methods because of their inability to create a calmer, more peaceful family. 

Without a clear and complete approach to cooperation and harmony, our family loses sight of what our goals are or how to achieve them. Parents fall victim to traditional parenting protocols like threats and bribes and eventually end up yelling out of pure frustration and exhaustion. We become entangled in never-ending negotiations and back and forth discussions about the same task over and over. Leaving us feeling depleted and unable to parent the way we want to. 

It’s impossible to be an effective person and deal with all of this turmoil while trying to work, cook, teach, and run our children here, there, and everywhere!

We literally can’t afford to spend all night trying to convince our 3-year old they should brush their teeth and go to bed. If we spend all night just trying to get ready for bed how can all the tasks of parenting let alone life get done?

Having cooperative kids is one of the few things you need to be able to live a peaceful and productive life at home. Likely you’ve tried it all, but it isn't too late to finally learn methods that will work, which will be life-changing and what will feel decidedly better!

If you can commit to doing things a bit differently, abandoning the conventional way of looking at child-rearing, you can have the type of household you’ve wanted since becoming a parent. What is the saying? If you keep doing the same thing and expect a different result you might be insane? Or something like that…

Reasons why conventional methods of asking our children to do things don’t work.

They don’t take into consideration connection and its ultimate effects on our relationships. 

Conventional wisdom focuses on behavior, not relationships.

Other methods use control, coercion, and manipulation which lead to hurt feelings and resentful behaviors.

Most methods fail to recognize how parents feel in these moments and are influenced by their own experiences when parenting. 


Your course has helped me realize my child is normal, his behaviors are normal, and I'm just tired (most of the time lol). But that I can prioritize my children and things can be better!  I have felt a lot of gratitude this week for the sweet moments I am sharing with my son because if it weren't for the course I don't think we would be having as many. So thank you!

-Chrissy M.

With your permission, I would love to show you just how to make cooperation your reality. Introducing:


A Guide to Cooperation

What to say and how to ask to get your kids to listen without bribes, threats, or yelling.

A Guide to Cooperation is for all ages. Whether your child is a teen, toddler, or school-aged, the lessons and strategies in this online program will apply.

A Guide to Cooperation isn’t just a guide or a group of tricks it is actually a method to live by. Yes, you’ll learn strategies to make life easier day to day around cooperation but you will also uncover the secret to parenting with fewer upsets. You will finish this course with skills to utilize for the rest of your parenting journey, which let’s face it is a lifetime. 

A Guide to Cooperation is built with immediate implementation in mind. No extras, no filler, no fluff. Just extremely useful information. There are no useless gimmicks and untested theories, these methods work.

A Guide to Cooperation teaches you how to set yourself and your children up for success where nobody feels manipulated, controlled, or out of control.  You will be the confident and kind leader of your family knowing exactly what to do and how to respond in order to garner the ever-coveted and organic "yes".

I’ve taken everything I have learned about asking my own children to complete endless tasks and countless families make meaning around this parenting pitfall. I have synthesized 12 years of my work in public schools, and 15 years of parenting, and 9 years of coaching into 4 modules, 13 lessons, and four bonus videos. Designed to teach you the high-level theory and science behind connection but also the execution of how you can cultivate authentic cooperation with kids of every age... 2-25!

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In this Online Course designed for kids ages 2-25

you get the following:

Modules and Videos:

Connection and the Brain Science Behind It

Special Time “the” Ultimate Connection Builder

The Effects of Yelling

Punishments the Connection Killer

What Goes into the “Ask”

Coaching the “Ask”

Don’t Send Them With an Empty Cup




Bonus #1: Four Bonus Videos on Empathy, Special Time, Punishments, and Brain Science.

Bonus #2: Five downloadable guides.


Additionally, you will get these lessons: 

Connection and the Brain Science Behind It

Special Time “the” Ultimate Connection Builder

The Effects of Yelling

Punishments the Connection Killer

What Goes into the “Ask”

Coaching the “Ask”

Don’t Send Them With an Empty Cup

Using Play to Help Get Things Done

Give Control to Get it

Empathy When Kids Refuse or Complain

Why Does It Feel So Awful to Have Your Child Say No?

Self Care

Rest, Food, and Relaxation

I'm starting (finally) to REALLY notice this shift in myself and in my perception and you are absolutely right.  It's creating a huge change in our family and my experience as a mum and I love that so thank you.  ...Life changer, literally!

-Sofie R.

A Guide to Cooperation is going to introduce you to methods in order to elicit influence so you don’t lose hours of precious time asking repeatedly and end up frustrated. Instead, you will find a new paradigm with more calm, more ease, and less tension. 

I don’t want you to wait 8 weeks to get started because I want you to begin enjoying your results now.  Enroll now, watch a few short lessons, and plan to start doing things differently today. If you are not sure: A Guide to Cooperation will give you more cooperative and calmer children just let me know at [email protected] within 14  days and we will return your investment. 

Good luck in your parenting journey! I know you will do whatever it takes to create more peace with your children. Because what is more important than the relationship we share with our children?

Michelle Kenney Carlson M.Ed

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